Seth Handahl

Talent Acquisition Director

His Focus:

My focus is to build long-lasting partnerships with clients and candidates while being an advocate for the goals they are trying to achieve for their company and career.

His Perspective:

Company culture can be the difference maker.  Promoting the right culture gives companies the edge in hiring and retaining the right talent for their organizations.  If you treat people the way they want to be treated, you will get the very best from them and give them a reason to dedicate their career to help companies achieve greatness.

How He Got Here:

I have always been interested in helping people.  After spending the first couple of years of my career in sales and marketing roles, I transitioned into the recruiting industry.  This gave me the opportunity to help companies grow and scale by identifying the right talent to hire for their organizations, while also helping candidates find the next step in their career.  Having now spent the majority of my career in talent acquisition, talent management, recruiting/staffing and consulting, it has given me the opportunity to fulfill the passion I have to help both companies and candidates achieve their professional goals.


Psychology degree from St. John’s University in Minnesota.

Bet You Didn’t Know:

I was selected and received a scholarship in high school to attend the International Peace Gardens Music Camp in Canada where I played violin in a symphony orchestra.  We recorded an album under the direction of a renowned New York City symphony conductor.


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